ARD & Transfer Switches

Bridging the utility with standby power is no small job, which is why KOHLER transfer switches are indispensable to the all-KOHLER power system. The MPAC(TM) 1500 - KOHLER's new generation of transfer switches - is loaded with sophisticated technologies and advanced design features that ensure transfer of power to critical-load applications. When power fails, power is transferred from the standby system within one-sixth of a second. And you continue functioning as normal.

Special features:

  • 30 to 4000 amps, in standard-, programmed- and closed-transition configurations.
  • Simple, integrated communication interface using Ethernet or LAN line.
  • Service-entrance, non-automatic, automatic and bypass configurations.
  • UL 1008 Listed, CSA and IBC Seismic Certified.


ARD plays pivotal role in providing great sigh of relief for the trapped passengers in elevators in case of power failure. In the case of power failure during normal operation, an elevator may stop in between floors. Our electronically operated ARD senses the position of the car stuck between floors and moves it to nearest floor in the most economical directions ( least current direction) and complete the rescue by opening the doors at the floor level.

Special features:

  • Selects most favorable direction before it starts operation
  • SMPS based battery charger


Protection feature :-
  • Rescue operation will take place only after all the safeties in the elevators are taken care.
  • All standard protections are taken care for motor and drive


Applications :-
  • Residential Complex/Appartments
  • Commercial Complex
  • Goods Lift at Factories
  • Hospital Lifts