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Solar Pumps

In a country like India where plenty of sunlight is available almost the whole year, using devices that run on the solar power is a greatly profitable proposition. Not only in big cities or towns but it is possible to use solar power based machinery and tools in the rural areas as well. Solar powered pump by VTech Power Systems is the ideal solution because it is highly efficient and self-sustainable. It is modular and easy to install and operate. It is an economical solution because of low operation and maintenance costs.


It is very useful in the rural areas

Though the power supply has improved a lot in the recent years, still there are frequent breakdown issues in small villages. These solar powered pumps improve the quality of life of women. They get saved from the hassles of fetching water from the water source.


Solar energy is low-cost, easy to install and perpetual

Once installed, solar energy based systems work year after year without any trouble. Solar pumps are also rugged and everlasting. They are available in the range of .5 HP to 10HP. Not only in village pumping stations but they can be very useful in large housing societies, bungalows and hotels as well.

A Solar Powered Pump runs on electricity which is generated by Photovoltaic (PV) Panels or from Diesel or the thermal energy collected from sunlight. Solar Powered Pumps operations are very pocket friendly due to lower operation and maintenance costs. It has less environmental impact than the traditional water pumps which is powered by Internal Combustion Engine. It is useful grid electricity is unavailable and the other sources like wind do not provide sufficient energy.

Solar Pump Features

  • Self Sustainable, Independent water supply scheme
  • Available in AC/DC Pumps Range: 0.5 HP to 10 HP
  • Time saver for women and family
  • Better health on account of low manual work
  • Better education (improved attendance) in schools
  • Improved personal hygiene & sanitation due to availability of water


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