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Batteries for all purposes

Product Details

  •    Protection against discharge of acidic fumes, thereby preventing corrosion under the bonnet or in the engine compartment.
  •    Protection against high under bonnet temperatures, thereby guaranteeing excellent reliability and endurance in extreme ambient conditions.
  •    In short, Exide Freedom is guaranteed to perform consistently in any condition, on any terrain...Especially in India.
  •    Protection against active material shedding in the battery from bumpy roads and difficult terrain; thus ensuring consistent performance throughout the life of the battery.
  •    Protection from sluggish starts by providing excellent cranking power and charge acceptance, resulting in quick recovery even from deep discharge state.

Features :

Colossal 3 Phase Pure Sin Wave(5kVA-100kVA)

  • DSP based PWM technology using IGBT
  • Suitable for high capacity sophisticated equipments
  • Static by pass switch for fast switch over (optional)
  • Scalable Runtime
  • Built in Galvanic Isolation Transformer
  • Power monitoring software with power audit features
  • Fuzzy Logic Control Battery Charging
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